NNAI currently owns a total of about 150,000 acres of Alaskan Land.  Many acres are local to the Kenai Peninsula.

All NNAI land is private property and requires express written permission to access.

Programs, development and conservation projects are all currently being implemented.

Most recently President and CEO, “Greg” Encelewski and Land and Resource Manager, Bruce Oskolkoff participated in the allocation of the long awaited 12b ANSCA selections.  Over 30,000acres of land were distributed to Village Corporations from the Regional Corporation CIRI who held the land in trust.   “Greg” showed his lucky streak when the selection process first pick was drawn by Ninilchik!

If you would like a map of lands owned by NNAI please stop by our office.

MOOSE HUNT Notification 2015 ADYou can visit the BLM Website here to get more information on public easements: