Address Changes

Letting NNAI know when you move is very important to insure correspondence and dividends reach you.  Though you may change your address with the post office or have family and friends who know how to reach you, we require a signed written request prior to any record changes.  This is for your benefit as a shareholder, to insure that you receive your mail correctly.

Click here for the NNAI Address/Name Change Form.  Don’t forget your ID for signature verification!

In the event that NNAI has received Returned Mail from the address in your file, you are  considered a “missing” shareholder.  All correspondence and/or dividends for “missing” shareholders are held in our office until we receive a signed Address/Name Change Form  along with a signature verification such as a State Issued ID Card.   For your convince both of these may be submitted electronically to, mailed or faxed to our office.

If you have current contact information for any of our “Missing” Shareholders please contact our office at 907.567.3866 or via