Employment Opportunities

Occasionally NNAI receives notices from business associates regarding new projects that will require a workforce.

Some times these are local to Ninilchik, while others are local to the State of Alaska only.  If you are interested in any opportunities listed here please let our office know as soon as possible so we may direct you to the proper channels.

The Ninilchik Natives Association, Inc. is announcing its intent to pick a successor CEO.  This position is being offered first, to qualified Ninilchik Shareholders and lineal Descendants.   Résumés with cover letters will be accepted exclusively from NNAI lineal descendants and shareholders through June, 2017.  Should a qualified applicant not be available or found by that time we will broaden our search and reach outside of the Corporation, this search will conclude in August of 2017.

Position: Chief Executive Officer
Reports to:
NNAI Board of Directors
Closing Date:
August 2017 or when applicant is chosen.
Please note, this posting may open to candidates outside of NNAI in July.
Probationary Period:
6 Months from Date of Hire
Who we are looking for:
An honest dependable person with good communication skills and a desire for unity of purpose. Someone who desires peace and consensus but can stand strong when needed. A candidate with the ability to integrate seamlessly into our current business and into the networking of our Current CEO’s contacts.

NNAI has chosen three benchmark criteria that will be used to evaluate candidates:

A Cultural Connection. Understanding, strengthening and the preservation of, the heritage from which NNAI was formed is the primary objective of our Corporation. Understanding Native Culture is not limited to the culture of Ninilchik. Interaction and good working relationships must be built and maintained with other cultural entities. The importance of our subsistence roots must be preserved within the resources we have, as CEO it will be your responsibility to see that this is accomplished with the future of our culture in mind.
Higher education plays into the wide range of requirements for our candidate. An Education in business and finance will allow for successful business operations and over site-critically important aspects to the CEO position. While a degree in business/business finance is not required we may give priority to candidates who have some form of higher education.
Previous Experience. The skills developed with experience are invaluable and will allow for a seamless transition and smoother overall corporate operation. Preference will likely be given to experienced CEOs or candidates with previous executive administrative experience. Experience may be considered as an alternative to education.
While these are the three benchmark criteria we look for in candidates the position will offer a long probationary/training period that will give ample opportunity to strengthen any areas necessary.

Responsibilities of the CEO will include but are not limited to:

  • Facilitating Corporate Growth and Investment Development in line with the corporate mission
  • Board Support and Administration of Board Direction
  • Overseeing Shareholder, Community and Public Relations
  • Financial, Tax, Risk and Facilities Management
  • Human Resource Management

Skills important to the role of the CEO will include but are not limited to:

  • Advises the Board
  • Advocates/Promotes NNAI as a corporation as well as changes related to our mission
  • Supports motivation of employees in all aspects of operations

Visionary/Information Bearer:

  • Ensure staff and Board of Directors have sufficient and up to date reports and information
  • Interface between the Board and Employees
  • Interface between the Board and Shareholders
  • Look to the future for progressive opportunities

Decision Making:

  • Formulate policies and plan recommendations for the Board of Directors
  • Decides or guides course of action in operations by staff


  • Organizes and maintains business agreements and relationships
  • Oversee operations of the corporation
  • Implement plans
  • Manage human resources within the corporation
  • Manage financial and physical resources
  • Manage the implementation of Board direction

Candidates can send their cover letter and résumé. to NNAI:
Via e-mail: nnai@nnai.net
Via Post: NNAI
PO Box 39130
Ninilchik, AK 99639If you would like to call you can contact our office at (907) 567.3866 or toll free 1.888.301.1058

Cook Inlet Tribal Council Employment Training and Services is the preferred job placement program of NNAI.  They assists participants in achieving self-sufficiency by helping them find meaningful and sustainable employment as they progress through lifestyle changes and enhance their communication, life management, vocational and academic skills.Link to the CITC Employment Training and Services