NNAI does not currently have a dividend schedule.  The Board of Directors distributes profit, as it its generated, to our shareholders.

The most recent monetary distribution was issued from on 12.15.17 as a Special Distribution from projected income; distribution was $5.00/share.

If you have a dividend check that you have not cashed and it has expired or if you would like to put a stop payment on a lost check please fill out our Stop Payment Request Form.  The rules for lost and stale dated checks are as follows:

  • NNAI will not put a stop payment on a dividend check until 90 days from the issue date.
  • Once you start you can not revoke a stop payment.
  • If you have the expired check/s or receive them after the stop payment request has been made you must return the check/s to the NNAI office.
  • If a check which a stop payment has been issued for is cashed and clears the bank, NNAI will withhold from your future dividends until fully compensated for the double payment.
  • NNAI will contact each stop payment request by phone to verify that the checks have not been cashed or received.

Your reissued check will be sent to the address NNAI has on file for you.  Please verify that your address is correct and fill out a Address/Name Change Form if it is not.  If you are on our “missing” list your dividend will be held in our office until the signed form is received.