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Christmas Cash Drawing | 12.22.17

The Ninilchik Natives Association understands that not all shareholders are able to attend our Christmas Dinner Parties, many live outside of the State or may be unable to attend due to life restrictions.  In an effort to include everyone in the holiday spirit we hold a Christmas Cash Drawing!

The names of all elegible NNAI shareholders are entered and chosen at random.  To make sure you are current check our Missing Shareholders Page here.  Shareholders listed as missing will not be included.

Should you wish to remove your name from the drawing simply contact our office.  You can find contact information on our Corporate Information Page.

The results for the 2017 NNAI Christmas Cash Drawing held December 22nd, 2017 are below.

Please allow 2 weeks for processing and postage on checks.

The winners are:

| Alexi Painter | Kristina Carden | Alvin Steik  |  Amie Arfsten | Brandon Gunderson | Brooks Connolly-Prosser  |  Camille Walls | Cynthia Shankel | Daniel Bouwens | Emma Allen | Ernest Matson Jr. | Forest Kvasnikoff | Gabriel Aburto | Gary Richardson | Gary Cooper Sr. | Geraldine Cooper | Harry Leman | Ivan Encelewski | Jack Kvasnikoff Jr. | Jamie Leman | Kenneth Odman | Kristina Carden | Louise Sambo | Margret Elkins | Nathon Stonecipher | Patricia Oskolkoff | Patricia Leman | Patrick Redmond | Paul Cooper | Penny Herndon | Ramona Storrs | Raymond Bouwens | Stanley Johansen | Stella Carson | Tanya Henrikson | Teresa Liedes | Timothey Jackinsky |

Congratulations to all our winners and Merry Christmas to all our Shareholders!


Special Dividend | 12.15.17

The Ninilchik Natives Association Special December Distribution of $5.0000 per share.

Checks will be mailed on December 15, 2017.  Please allow for one to three weeks for delivery.  If you believe your check is lost please complete a Stop Payment Request Form and mail it to our office.

Please be sure to cash all checks within 180 days to avoid a stale date check.  If you have a check that is stale dated, please complete the Stop Payment Form and mail that, along with the original check, back to our office.

NNAI will no longer mail dividend checks to shareholders who have 3 or more outstanding checks.  If you think that you have checks outstanding please contact our office.

Voting Prize Drawing | 06.10.17

The following were winners in the Voting Prize Drawing at the 44th Annual Meeting of Shareholders:

First Place of $200

Timothy Culhane
Sedna Prosser
James Shaker
Brenda Woinowsky
Donna Hoffman

Second Place of $100

Marie Christine Miller
Dalton Hatten
Kathy Reno
Terry Woodhead
Jesse Worthington Rust III
Alexi Painter
Gary Cooper
Penny Herndon
Daniel Bowens
Forest Kvasnikoff

Third Prize of $50

William Bill Lamont Jr.
Jacqueline Fisher
Leland Shelford
Jack Kvasnikoff, Jr.
Connie Judson
Lara Jane Daly
Archie Reid
Clara Snyder
Ivan Encelewski
Britton Metrokin
Robert Dietz
Justin Hatten
Jason Steik
Carla O’Brien
Anna Steik

Congratulations to our winners and Thank You to everyone who voted!
Checks will be mailed on Monday June 12, 2017 at 5 pm.

Door Prizes were drawn from those in attendance as well!  Those winners were:

First Prize $100

Roberta Oskolkoff
Arnold Oskolkoff

Second Prize $50

Argent Kvasnikoff
Anna Steik
Charlie Partridge
Sheri Liebenthal
Noelle Hatten
Jacqueline Waldron

Third Prize $25

Darek Hatten
Cheryl Matson
Ivan Encelewski
John Steik